getting hacked!?!

Posted on 2014-06-28T10:42:00Z by aaron.kyle

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Hello hackers!

Please allow me to start by saying that I appreciate your (collective) work. I am inspired and intrigued by the many contributions of hackers and hacktivism. I like to learn more about 'hacker culture' as well.

My experiences learning about pragramming systems (especially networked information systems) haven't always been that great. Quite often I feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle. It takes me a long time even to learn to install and configure a programme. For each programme I do succeed in installing, it seems that someone out there quickly finds an exploit in it and takes over my server—inevitably resulting in my resetting the server to a saved version and trying again... and again.

In case you're reading this and thinking about hacking my site, please note that there's nothing on this server! It's a micro instance on EC2 with barely enough computing power to run the two or three programmes I have installed. :(

It would be nice if I could get a bit of a break from malicious hackers. Or, if you do hack my system, maybe you could also leave a note to tell me how you did it and suggest some ways to harden my security?

At the end of the day, I am just an average guy trying to learn a bit about websites and design. I make no claims of being particularly tech-savvy. [After all, my training is in social sciences (not computer sciences!).]

...And in case you are reading this and decide to help me out / relent on continuously breaking into my site - thank you!

social justice & hacking

This history of hackers and the 'hacker movement' is wild stuff. A guy figured out how to whistle his way through switchboard relays. A kid breached the pentagon.

setting up this theme

I would like to learn more about python and how it can be applied in web design. I figured a good way to start would be to learn Pelican and to generate a static site.

getting hacked!?!

Hello hackers! Please know that I appreciate your (collective) work. My own struggle with networked information systems, however, is less than inspiring.

Looking for me?

I welcome invitations to collaborate on interesting research projects—especially those related to OpenSource software development in support of applied social science research.
If you have an idea in mind that you'd like to bounce off someone, I'd be glad to hear from you.