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I hail from a village called Upper Black Eddy, PA. It's a terrific little place and I have great pride also to be a part of my family's legacy in Bucks County (and esp. in Tincium Township—dating back to the early 1700s).

Check out the images of the area posted by Kathleen Connally, like this one of the Bridgeton-Milford bridge:

Bridgeton-Milford Bridge, UBE

For the past several years, I have been homeless by choiceadventuring around the world on the money I would otherwise pay in rent.

Why are the navigation menus in Swedish?

You may have figured out that '' is registered in Sweden(.se). I was fortunate to have earned my M.A. degree from Lund University. As part of my university enrollment, I was issued a Swedish 'Personal ID' (personnummer), which opened access to some specific services—the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Sweden (Sverige) being one of them. I figured I'd honor the URL's provenience with the nav bars (at least).

social justice & hacking

This history of hackers and the 'hacker movement' is wild stuff. A guy figured out how to whistle his way through switchboard relays. A kid breached the pentagon.

setting up this theme

I would like to learn more about python and how it can be applied in web design. I figured a good way to start would be to learn Pelican and to generate a static site.

getting hacked!?!

Hello hackers! Please know that I appreciate your (collective) work. My own struggle with networked information systems, however, is less than inspiring.