I share a few working directories on issues of social policy and applied social development practice, personal computing and web design in a public Github repository . I haven't been sharing work in this way for very long. Please excuse the mess and please help me to cultivate and propagate this work so that it may grow and florish.

Beyond the bits and pieces that I share on Git, I also contribute to a few random pet projects. Regrettably, these sites utilize proprietary themes and visual designs that I cannot share.

For almost a decade, I directed a small group of anthropologists for Cross-Cultural Consulting Services (CCCS). CCCS has a promising (albeit immature) web publication platform to support research on social development. Check it out.

Other bits of my work are scattered across the Internet. One day I'll compile a list.

social justice & hacking

This history of hackers and the 'hacker movement' is wild stuff. A guy figured out how to whistle his way through switchboard relays. A kid breached the pentagon.

setting up this theme

I would like to learn more about python and how it can be applied in web design. I figured a good way to start would be to learn Pelican and to generate a static site.

getting hacked!?!

Hello hackers! Please know that I appreciate your (collective) work. My own struggle with networked information systems, however, is less than inspiring.